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Experience you can trust

"I just wanted to take a moment to email everyone at VMS. I received my new little black & white Kenyan Sand Boa today and couldn't be happier. I really appreciate you guys delaying shipping due to weather to ensure she had a safe trip. She arrived safe as could be with warm packs that were still warm. I had been very worried about her since parts of her travel involved very low temperatures. You guys did a great job packing her to make sure she wouldn't be tossed around in her box. All in all, I have a gorgeous new snake that I absolutely love. I look forward to ordering more reptiles from you guys in the future as well as recommending you everyone I know who would like to add a reptile to their family! I for one could not be any happier with your service. Thank you so much for your dedication to your animals!" Robyn Green, Kincheloe MI

"My ivory ball just arrived and he is absolutely beautiful! . . . He appears VERY HEALTHY and VERY interested in checking out his new home. This was my first reptile purchase from a breeder, and definitely my first live animal on-line purchase. It went EXTREMELY well and look forward to adding to my collection next summer! I couldn't be happier with the service, ease of ordering/payment, and last but not least the health and appearance of my new python! Everything was as described including delivery time!! GREAT WEBSITE, GREAT PRODUCT, GREAT PRICE! What more can I say? Thanks for everything!!" Stephen Parana, Milford, CT

"Hello guys, I just really wanted to take the time and write to you how much I appreciate everything you do. By far the highest quality snakes you can find on the internet! I have ordered 3 snakes from you 1 hypo striped corn which is growing very rapidly 1 tequila sunrise corn which is absolutely gorgeous and 1 albino san potosi kingsnake which is now BY FAR the favorite snake I own [8 of them]. All have come too me in perfect condition, I have ordered a gtp from another website and it was sent to me with mites. The third day of having each one they have all eaten without hesitation and have never refused a meal. I can't describe my satisfaction with your company and cannot thank you guys enough. Keep up the good work and look forward too doing much more business with you!" Logan Totten, Englewood, FL

"It has been 1 week today that we received our two baby corn snakes. Being new to this we relied on your pages on what to do and I have to say it has been a great experience. Both of the snakes are very lively and curious about their new home, they both ate on the first try and are just a blast to watch. We were very impressed with your customer service and the quality of the animals and look forward to getting more corn snakes in the near future... Thank you again for all the help and guidance you provided." The Johnson family, Lehigh Acres FL

"I'm very impressed with your company and have had the best experience with an online transaction, ever. The communication has been excellent, and the helpful information on your website has really taught me a lot and enabled me to know what to expect, and the best way to care for my snake. I am someone who spends a lot of time researching facts, so thank you very much for providing me with the tools necessary for a happy, stable pet.... Once again thank you for doing such a wonderful service. You're highly recommended by me to the folks I know" David Mathis, Tallulah Falls, GA

"I bought an Okeetee Corn from you guys a little less than a year ago. He is my third snake and I have to say If I didn't know better I would swear he has some personality. He is so docile and well mannered and I almost think he is sociable. I know he's just looking for food but when I come home from work and he hears the door close he comes out of his little coconut and stares at me. No fear at all. He eats like a monster and is definitely my favorite snake. I went back to your website again tonight just to look and I have to say it is so well laid out. Your facility is beautiful and it looks like you guys really care about the animals you sell. I will be in the market for a fat tailed gecko soon so you'll definitely be getting my business again." Doug Ruggerie, Stroudsburg, PA

"I received the 4 snakes yesterday afternoon, and once again I am stunned by the competence and professionalism by you and your company. The snakes seem very healthy and are doing great. Thank you for everything, and I definitely look forward to doing business with you again." Jeremy Hawkins, Chesapeake, VA

"Thanks for all the wonderful animals. They are so gorgeous. Your photos are beautiful but they look so amazing in person. All of them are so pretty! I am so glad I got that tangerine male. My female is very pretty but there was something about him. I just love them all! The gecko is really pretty. Both females are amazing. I am so glad you don’t live close to me because I would be in the poor house buying snakes from you. I go to our shows out here and the quality of the snakes are not as nice as yours. Especially the corn snakes. I like your corns-not just for the looks but because they have the necessary genes to start creating other morphs. Very cool in my opinion!" Denise Casey, Whittier, CA

"Outstanding!!! They arrived and hot packs were still warm. Geckos are in great shape. They are very active in there new vivarium. I was concerned because the temp today is only 5 degrees above 0. I will be doing all future business with you guys again AAAAAA+++++ JOB. Thank You" Mike Rey, Fulton, NY

"I have never been anything but in awe of the babies you send. I appreciate not only the quality animals and top-notch service, but I'm happy to be able to call you my friend. Thank you once again." Julie Coultes, Guthrie, OK

"It is a pleasure doing business with a company like VMSherp. I have purchased several snakes from them and I have never had any problems with the snakes I have received, the snakes have all been healthy and great eaters! VMSherp has also provided exceptional assistance in answering any question I might have. It is good to know that if I have a question I can rely on them to get the right answer. Whenever I am in the market for an addition to my collection VMSherp is the very first place I look. They give you experience, quality, and great customer service. You will never go wrong by choosing VMSherp!" Susan McTavish, Pueblo CO

"Thanks for everything. It's nice to do business with people like you. Some people are just in it for the money, and don't care about the animals but I can see you guys have a lot of respect for your animals and who they go to." Carl Ackerbauer, Johnstown NY

"The geckos got here just fine today! Very feisty little guys. Yep, I think they will thrive and I will order from you again. I'm impressed with the packing. The cold pack was still chilly and I have had no one ever go through the trouble of labeling & taping the containers too. ... The guy that was bragging about you on BOI was correct!"Wendy Crabtree, Carnesville GA

"Thank you for sending me a great animal. My female California Kingsnake was very vigorous and full of life right out of the deli cup. The ice pack was still cold when I opened her box up. She is also a great eater." John Campbell, Temple GA

" picked out a great blizzard leopard gecko for me he's real healthy, looks great, and eats great. Thanks for everything." Mike Kotlewski, Franklin WI

"You are a wonderful breeder and they are absolutely beautiful!... I would buy animals from you again without a second thought. Thank you" Gwen Thomas, Triangle VA

" I received the "outstanding geckos" this morning, and you have my business from now on !! It's nice to know that there are professionals = "VMS" that have outstanding geckos and great prices for a beginner like me . Thanks Again !!" Joseph Preciado, Chula Vista CA

"Just received the snakes. ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!! Both arrived alive and well and are getting used to their new home. Thanks for everything. You have secured my business for any future purchases. Thanks again." Mike Trombino, Centereach NY

"I received the package and the snakes look fine. They're all setup and appear to be doing great. Great packaging. Thanks, I hope to do business with you again." Matthew Peacock, Albuquerque NM

"I'd like to thank you for granting me the opportunity to own these animals. They've arrived, and they're not only healthy and energetic and curious with a wonderful disposition, but they're absolutely gorgeous little animals who will no doubt grow to be stunning! It is obvious that some careful work went into the planning of these babies and I'm thrilled to have them." Joshua Margolies, Irvine CA

"Recently ordered 3 female leopard geckos from your site, and I must say.... I'm totally impressed. I couldn't be happier. My girls showed up in perfect health, and looking better than their pictures even. VMS will be my 1st recommendation to anyone looking for leopards in the future." Dave Clemens, Jr., Peoria, IL

Quality you can count on

"Just to let you know that I just got the shipment yesterday night and just finished putting away all the animals. I can't tell you how much I appreciate your order. I am absolutely blown away by most of the animals that I have gotten from you....Thank you so much for this great order of mine. I am really enjoying and loving all the animals that I have gotten from you again this year!! Cheers!!" Simon Fung, Hong Kong

"All I can say is wow.... What a beautiful snake, you guys at VMS are very good at what you do. Keep up the good work and again thank you for all the information that you guys supply to first time reptile owners like myself. Its only been an hour and I am hooked all the research I have done will pay off and I will recommend VMS to any one who is thinking of owning a reptile..." Charles McCloud, Cuyahoga Falls OH

"I wanted to take a minute to send you an email to thank you once again. I am a veterinarian here in Reno and recently had a client call asking where I would recommend that she purchase a Ball Python. Without hesitation I recommended VMS Herp. Today, she brought me the snake for an examination and again, I was impressed with the quality. I will continue to recommend VMS Herp and thank you again for your time and service. Thanks again" Corbin Hodges, DVM

"I just received the shipment with the female hypo honduran. Internal box temperature was great. She is extremely active, and BEAUTIFUL!!! She will make an excellent addition... You have another satisfied customer. Thanks again" Joshua T. Phillips, Lubbock TX

"I just wanted to thank you and to let you know how pleased I am with my purchase. You are a class act company and you have the nicest animals and by far the best prices! The snake was better than I expected." Donald Anderson, Rancho Cucamonga CA

"Both arrived safely, and in great shape as always! For all the geckos we have purchased from VMS in the last few months, they have all been healthy, and remain that way. Thanks Again." Julie Buckenmeyer, Swanton OH

"All of the Reptiles that I have bought from you have been ‘out of this world’ with quality! It’s hard to believe that someone could breed animals with so much quality! Thank You so much for all that you do to provide great quality animals to all of your customers! I am definitely looking forward to doing business with you in the future! Thanks again!" Eric Wilson, Denver CO

"WOW! Thanks for a fantastic animal. My little patternless was spunky and energetic right out of the shipping container. He settled down right away and ate meal worms in the night. Also, thank you for sharing info. at the "Learning Center". " Wayne Smith, Glendora CA

"The gecko is AMAZING! MAGNIFICENT! GORGEOUS! I dunno I can't find the words. ...Thank you so much! I am waaaaay more than pleased with her and cannot wait to breed her. She looks even better than in the pic! I will be posting her on the kingsnake forum to show her off!!!!! They'll all be jealous LOL!" Shayna Whitehouse, Leo Lover's Lizard Lounge, Markesan WI

"The babies arrived and are wonderful. They are just what we were looking for! Thanks so much." Tracey & Kevin Elrod, Murrels Inlet SC

"I received my little girl (her name is now Indus) at 11:30 yesterday she is healthy and adapting to her new home, thank you so much she is truly a beautiful gecko. Thank you." Debra Viniarski, Olympia WA

"My gecko arrived in great shape and looked much better than I expected. ...thanks for representing your geckos well on your website (not everyone does that so well). ... thanks again for sending me such a great gecko." Paul Allen, Fayetteville GA

"Thanks for all the help, the group looks great and the colors on the albino are even better than the pic. You can count on more orders from me." Nelsen Salling Jr., Los Angeles CA

"I just wanted to let you know that little Pyro is now eating great! She is grabbing the little frozen pinkies almost as soon as they hit the floor in her cage! ...She even survived a short field trip to first grade show and tell (along with mom.) Thanks again for the great pet" Barry Holderead, Atlanta GA

"Hello, she is beautiful! She looks great and has good color. Thanks again and she looks great." Mike Kish, Canyon Lake CA

"They look so awesome thanks for everything and I'll probably see you in the future for more geckos." Scott McKeag, Henderson NV

"I would just like to say thanks one more time for the blizzard gecko! He arrived yesterday healthy and happy when he got out of the cup. The photograph on the website didn't do him justice; he looks 100% better in person! My family also thinks it is a beautiful gecko! You will definitely hear from me again!" Jeremy Britton, Nolensville TN

"I've received the geckos! They're awesome! Alert and in great condition... Thanks again" Dave Maine, Hunt Valley MD

"the Rosy boa we received from you is now eating frozen pinkies regularly. She is very active and the boys play with her every day except the day after she eats. Thanks for the great pet!" Eugene Harvey, Fairview OR

"The gecko's arrived this morning. "WOW" beautiful gecko's !! Now I have to find some wire to put my jaw back on. Thanks again" Joseph Preciado, Chula Vista CA

"...we could not be happier. They are beautiful.... It was well worth the wait, thank you very much, and we will keep visiting the web site." Wes Carpenter, Richmond VT

"Thank you so much for sending me a Leopard Gecko. I received it in the mail today. He is very FAT and healthy. I am sure that my big female will like him a lot!!" Whitney Territo, Everett PA

"I just wanted to drop you a line expressing my complete satisfaction with the leopards I received today. The male tangerine carrottail has some awesome color as well as the other tangerines. You really have exquisite animals." Ryan Nafts, Billings MT

"I just wanted to write and say my new babies arrived today and they are just beautiful....Thanks again and all the best" Debra Durham, Hayes VA

"I received him today and he is great looking. He was a little cranky when I took him out and he tried to bite me, lol. He's going to make a great breeder. Thanks." Rob Olsen, West Haven CT

"My new geckos arrived yesterday. And let me say they are so awesome.!! The tangs are so orange.! Thank you very much for yet another good group of leos." RJ Kenney, Bernhard's Bay NY

"The geckos look great. It was good doing business with you. Thank you." Mike Mertens, M and T Dragons, Spokane WA

"Hello, I just wanted to say that I received the shipment today at 9am and the snakes look great, I am very pleased with them, and I would not hesitate doing business with you again. Thank you very much!" Amanda DeWitt, Newport MN

"When I opened the box I saw the prettiest leopard gecko I've ever seen. I want to thank you for the coolest gecko I've seen. You have a great site and great geckos. Keep up the great work." Thomas Leach, Free Union, VA

Easy and convenient

"I just wanted to let you know that our two corn snakes arrived safely this morning. They appear curious and healthy, and their coloring is amazing. I thought they looked good in the pictures, but up close, they are stunning. Shipping was easy and quick, and they arrived exactly when they were supposed to. I am very pleased with these exceptional reptiles, as well as the care that has been taken to make it a smooth transaction. It has been a pleasure purchasing reptiles from you, and I would not hesitate to do so again. Thanks!!" Madeleine M, NM

"Thank you SO much! I do have to say, this process was wonderful. I received "GiGi" (her new name) this morning at 9:45. The temp was perfect inside the box and she was sleeping. She is a feisty little thing! I would like to say that your customer service is a 10!" Mellissa Rees, Warner Robins, GA

"I just wanted to let you know our order arrived in good condition... The entire process has been very smooth from start to finish and we are already anticipating placing another order in the very near future... While I was somewhat concerned the photos may not show a true color representation due to lighting...I was glad to see there was no need to worry. Thanks for a great experience and a great product." Norman Quinn, Armona, CA

"I just wanted to let you know that I received my leopard geckos today and they are absolutely beautiful. Thank you so much for such healthy geckos, great service and communication. You will be seeing more of me in the future!" Christopher Edwards, Frederick, MD

"I can't stress just how much of a pleasure it has been doing business with you and I look forward to at least an annual purchase for many years to come. 'Good Luck' to you and your wife in Colorado....I'm jealous....and happy Bird Watching!" Julie Robbins, Las Vegas NV

"Pyros arrived today at 9:30 in excellent shape. They were fine as far as problems, and they are nice animals. Really enjoyed the quick service and the quality snakes...look forward to doing more business with you guys in the very near future." Steve Phillips, Overland park KS

"I just wanted to let you know that I received my Mexican Rosy Boa and everything went well in shipping. I am so impressed with your company and how well it is managed. Thank you for a wonderful purchasing experience. In my career as a science teacher and my volunteer experience in various reptile rescue programs I come across a lot of herp collectors and breeders. I will always speak highly of VMS Professional Herpetoculture. Thank you." Cale Morris, Queen Creek, AZ

"...the geckos arrived yesterday, and are beautiful!! I'm very happy to have them, and appreciate how easy and helpful you were to order through! I'll be sure to bookmark your web page, and order from you again!" Erin Borzage, Chico CA

"Thank you very much, ...I have to say that it is the most beautiful Rosy Boa I have ever seen! I am very happy with it and I thank you...Again thank you and looking forward to doing business in the future. A very satisfied customer." Leonardo Alcantar-Lopez, Yukon OK

"I received my new baby boy today. He is the most beautiful Leopard I've ever seen and I am so happy. He is very healthy and was pretty rambunctious when I took him out of the deli cup. Thank you so much for making this an incredibly easy and successful endeavor!" Elizabeth Crisci, Norwalk CT

"It's been a true pleasure doing business with you. Thanks for everything." Chad Long, Houston TX

"Wanted to let you know that the geckos arrived safely at 11:00 AM eastern time, and are now settled into their new homes. They are certainly beautiful little things!! I've got a full house now!! Wow!! Thank you very much for all of your help and hard work that went into getting them here. We greatly appreciate everything that Monica and yourself have done to make it happen." Peter, Lisa and Dimitri Konobeev, Meriden CT

"I'm a VERY Satisfied customer and will look to VMS for future business." James Friess, Bettendorf IA

"The snake arrived right on time and was in great health. It's even better looking in person than in the photos online, I couldn't be happier. Thank you for your quick and professional service, its been a pleasure ordering from you and I will use you guys for all of my future reptile needs. Thanks" David Cathers, Chatsworth, CA

"We received our geckos at 12 pm today, and we were very pleased with their condition, appearance, and personalities. Thank you so much for your help. We greatly appreciated the wealth of information we gathered from all areas of your site. It has truly been a pleasure doing business with you." Mark and Candi McCarthy, Bronx NY

Great customer service

"I just received my second snake from you this morning, safe and sound. I just wanted to write very briefly to tell you that, once again, I am beyond pleased with the experience and the lavender hatchling I acquired is beautiful... I will probably never go to another breeder after two very smooth, very satisfying purchases of absolutely perfect snakes... Thank you so, so much." Alyssa Circe, Schenectady, NY

"I am so happy I took your advice and am thankful to have your expertise when I run into problems, it really is true that you take care of your customers even after their purchase. ...I also recently purchased a female snow diablo blanco from *******, but overall I was much more satisfied with your overall treatment and customer service. In a nutshell, I just wanted to thank you again for everything and also to let you know I will continue to come back to you in the future for any other reptile purchases I make!" Keaton Howell, Manhattan, KS

"The dealings I've had with the folks at VMS Herpetoculture have been beyond my expectations. They were extremely professional throughout the transaction; they readily answered all of my questions. I never had to wait even a full day for a response to my emails....All around this was a supremely pleasant experience. I look forward to doing business again with them in the future." Janece, Kent WA

"Hi, I just wanted to say thank you for my baby ball python. He is awesome, his pattern is breathtaking. I have had snakes since I was a kid and this is by far the best ball python I have ever owned. Your service was excellent, and my snake arrived on time with no issues and is adjusting well. I will recommend you to anyone I know who is looking for a great snake. Thanks again" Matthew Piper, San Luis Obispo CA

"I wanted to take the time to write and thank you for high quality service and above all else, the safe arrival of the two leopard geckos (they have both already eaten). I can't express my satisfaction enough and will be sure to recommend you to those that are looking to get a high quality pet. Again thank you and have a great weekend." Scott McBurney, Newtown PA

"All your animals are of the highest quality as is your professionalism and customer service. Again best regards," Bob Baldridge, Victorville CA

"I received my lovely tremper-albino-beauty promptly on the morning she was supposed to arrive, and she is in perfect health. I applaud the service you folks provide - very prompt and courteous (something becoming increasingly rare with high-volume "web demand"). The outside temperature that morning was approximately in the low 40's, which concerned me just a little for the simple fact that it was my first turn with your company. When I opened the container though, everything was in perfect order: The temperature was nice and warm inside and it was packed very securely as not to over-stress the occupant. She was alert and active (always a good sign), and I noticed she was even secured inside her deli-cup with a crumpled paper towel. She has acclimated to her new home already, and is feeding very well. She has the distinguished pleasure of being the only gecko in the "Gecko Room" to have a display on the corner of my desk. Needless to say, I'm very pleased with my dealings thus far with your company, and look forward to dealing with VMSherp in the future. Thanks again." Connor Livingston, Little Rock, AR

"just got our shipment in today, and the three little ladies are in primo health. Bright eyes and still warm thanks to the heat pack. We want to thank you for the geckos and for all the support through emails. Thanks also for all the resources on your website, they have been very helpful. Again, thanks and we can't wait to order again!" JP and Jaimie, Placerville CA

"I received my corns yesterday right on time as scheduled. The snakes were healthy and active, no problems. They look even more beautiful in person. Thank you for being helpful, informative, and making this a smooth flawless transaction on my first snake purchase. I would love to do business with you again in the future." Nick Hirsch, Brenham TX

"Our Leopard Gecko just arrived in perfect condition. Beautiful little gecko, very alert, absolutely perfect!!! It was put straight into his enclosure and is currently roaming all over checking everything out. We couldn't be more pleased with the quality and condition of the gecko. Very top quality!! Thank you very much for a very successful business transaction. Excellent service!" Scott Birkel, Atlantic IA

"My female Hemet arrived just fine today. She is beautiful! Thank you so much for your professionalism. I look forward to doing business with you again." Kim Lange, Santa Maria CA

"The aberrant Nelsoni just showed up and seems to have made the trip well. Looks great! Thanks for the smooth and honest transaction." Tom Chambers, TC Reptile, North Hills CA

"Thank you for recent sale of the Albino Nelson's Milksnake; was delivered in excellent health to my place of work. It is my first online order and I'm very content with the transaction, honesty and feedback, Highly recommended!" Gerlando Riolo, New Orleans LA

"All eight arrived and are just great! Thanks for picking great looking pairs. I am totally happy and will recommend your site and service to all the herpers down here in Texas." Kirk McKnight, Houston TX

"the Fat-Tail arrived this morning and upon opening his (well-packaged) box and first laying eyes on the little fella, all I can say is, "WOW!". He is GORGEOUS!! ... So, to sum up, thank you so very much providing such an exquisite animal and making this transaction a splendid experience!" Bonnie Smith, Mariposa CA

"All five snakes arrived and seem to be doing well...thank you for your VERY professional service. Nice to do business with people like you!" Monica Sigona, Redwood City, CA

"Just wanted to let you know the 2 geckos arrived safely here in Florida at 11 a.m. They are much bigger than I thought they would be. Seem very healthy and feisty. The Las Vegas is in the process of shedding as I write. Thank you so much for all your help, advice, and great service! I was afraid to do business on-line, but now I look forward to adding to our beautiful little collection. It is 2:30 here and my son won't be home until 4:15 from school. I'm so excited! He will be 14 on Saturday and his friends helped me find you. They are all jealous because their parents will only let them buy from our local pet stores and believe me I went to all of them and they may be cheaper but they all are so plain and look the same. They are all coming over on Saturday to see the new arrivals. I bought him some books so he will be an informed owner but believe me he has been researching them for years... Anyway thanks again for helping an uninformed Mom make her wonderful son's dream come true!" Lori A. Gettig, Wellington FL

"I'm emailing you because we just received the Cornsnake and I was very pleased with how well she was packed, and how great shape she was. Perfect condition, and the delivery man heeded your many labels on the package. She was very active and interested in everything as soon as we got her out of her deli cup. It was great doing business with you...we will buy from your company at a future date. Thanks again," Lina Z., Brockton MA