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Genetics For Herpers

Genetics for Herpers See inside

Genetics For Herpers is a great way to learn genetics. This book starts with the basics and teaches everything you need to know in order to understand the role that genetics plays in breeding. The book is 84 pages (7½" x 5½") and includes over 120 illustrations plus a glossary.

Things you will learn:

  • What genes are
  • What genes do
  • What happens when genes are changed
  • What homozygous and heterozygous mean
  • How to use and read genetic notation and symbols
  • What genotypes and phenotypes mean
  • What dominant, codominant, and recessive mean
  • How genes are inherited
  • How to predict outcomes
  • What possible hets are
  • How traits can mask each other

For those who want to learn more, bonus advanced topics:

  • Trait linkage
  • Proving out new traits
  • Proving out possible hets
  • Removing undesirable genes
  • Inbreeding
  • Hybridization
  • Sex-linked traits

VMS is proud to offer copies autographed by the author at no extra charge.

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