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What does 'quality reptiles' really mean? To many breeders, it simply means selecting the most attractive patterns or colors. While this is important, we believe it is also important to select healthy vigorous animals. There is little point in producing the prettiest specimens if they lack the will to survive or have genetic disorders. At VMS, we use decades of experience to carefully select for the best balance of all traits. Explore our web site and experience the difference!

VMS is proud to offer top quality reptiles at realistic prices, along with some of the most detailed information available today.

Closing Our Virtual Doors

Having somehow reached a ripe old age, having survived breeding reptiles for forty some years, and having survived the headaches of internet based business for twenty-three years it's time for retirement. They say a man who does what he loves never works a day in his life. I get the concept, but I assure you it's not 100% accurate.

We have sold all but a handful of 2021 hatchlings, and will officially close our doors to future business on July 11th. All orders will ship on July 12th for next day arrival.

It's been a true pleasure to be able to live a secluded life in the mountains and do what I love for a living. Without your patronage none of this would have been possible, so a heartfelt thanks goes to you all!

Email delivery issues

For the last few months, a select few email providers seem to have decided to send all of our emails to customers spam folders for no apparent reason. We are far from alone with this problem, and there are thousands of threads on the internet discussing the issue. Recently, MorphMarket encountered this same problem as have other companies using relay systems for email.

The net result is that many customers seem to think we do not care or do not respond, when in fact their answer is already sitting in their own spam box unnoticed. So if you haven't heard from us within 24 hours, you can bet that's where the problem lies.

The following providers have become especially notorious across the web for this poor performance:,, and, and we have found all of them to be uncooperative in helping to resolve the issue.

COVID-19 Update

Following the COVID-19 outbreak, FedEx indicates potential for delays with the enormous increase in shipping volume due to increased online shopping. These delays mostly affect deliveries, with some shipments reaching the delivery hubs (FedEx Ship Centers) a few hours after the delivery trucks depart for the day. As a result, we will now only ship live cargo using the “Hold for Pickup” option to a FedEx Ship Center. (Not a FedEx Office Store or other retail location, as these are not authorized to accept live cargo)

We will provide the address of the closest ship center to you using your order address information, but other locations may also be available.

While this may be somewhat inconvenient, please realize this is for the safety of your animal.

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What's New
  • New corn morphs expected in 2021 include Opal Terrazzos, Lavender Terrazzos, Opal Tessera, Peach Lavender Tessera and many more!
  • Added new book "Cornsnake Cultivar Compilation" to our inventory
  • We've acquired several gorgeous Tricolored Hognosed Snakes as future breeding stock!
  • Raising Baby Snakes (informative article in the 'Learning Center')