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What does 'quality reptiles' really mean? To many breeders, it simply means selecting the most attractive patterns or colors. While this is important, we believe it is also important to select healthy vigorous animals. There is little point in producing the prettiest specimens if they lack the will to survive or have genetic disorders. At VMS, we use decades of experience to carefully select for the best balance of all traits. Explore our web site and experience the difference!

VMS is proud to offer top quality reptiles at realistic prices, along with some of the most detailed information available today.

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Pewter Ball Pythons (Python regius)

Heterozygous for Black Pastel and Pastel, two codominant traits. A number of interesting morphs have been produced using these dual mutation snakes, the most coveted of which is the Silver Streak Ball and Super Pewter Ball. Click here to learn more/see adults.

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Pewter Ball Python, 50% het Hypo
Male #M001-01M
Hatched: 9/18/13
$100 SALE! $75 breedable young male

Pewter Ball Python
Male #9065
Hatched: 7/20/10
$100 SALE! $75 proven breeder

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  • New corn morphs expected in 2016 include German Redhead Kastanies, Mandarin Bloodreds, Bloodred Kastanie Terrazzos, Lavender Terrazzos and many more!
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